martinWelcome to a new brand of leadership.   Dr. Robin Martin’s Leading Beyond the Post is a full service strategic coaching and leadership development company designed to advance the personal and professional lives of leaders seeking an extraordinary existence.  With over 17 years working in higher education and intercollegiate athletics, Dr. Martin has coached countless executive administrators, Division I Coaches and student athletes, as well as local organizations towards success. Whether on the field of competition or in the arena of life, Dr. Martin has an unwavering dedication to helping others recognize, sharpen, and actualize their full potential.

Leading Beyond the Post was started with the idea that leadership is  more than a singular act or occurrence; it is a way of leading beyond ones current job or functional position.  This comprehensive approach helps clients re-imagine a significant shift from a focus on individual accomplishments, to a realization of a global impact.  Leading Beyond the Post drives clients towards a strategic path of clarity, balance, and achievement in their personal and professional life.

Come begin a new journey this Tuesday, July 7th  between 11:30am and 12:30am est. On A Chat in the Garden with Monique A J Smith, where Significances Blooms via  347-989-8385 or