Empowering Teams/Departments

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DISC Assessment

After completing assessments, participants will…

•    Discover their communication style

•    Identify team members communication styles

•    Learn the method of “flexing” to others for effective communication

Trying on Phil's Rings

Introducing the concepts used by Phil Jackson. Participants will…

•    Identify ways to celebrate and repeat success

•    Introduce methods used to create team unity

•    Discover mindful leadership

How to Rejuvenate Your Team

Using the concepts in the book Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard participants will…

•    Revisit their own vision

•    Gain tools to enhance their communication skills with their teams

•    Share best practices to reward success

Leading from any Position

Using the concepts in the book The 360 Degree Leadership by John Maxwell participants will…

•    Identify ways in which to influence decisions

•    Learn methods to gain buy-in from co-workers and subordinates

•    Become aware of their own negative communication during conflict, and develop a game plan to response differently

Lessons from the Bone Collector

Using the messages communicated from the movie “The Bone Collector” participants will…

•    Identify their true mission in life

•    Expose their fears/obstacles

•    Develop an action plan to achieve their purpose despite fears/obstacles

Lessons from the Love and Basketball

Using the messages communicated from the movie “Love and Basketball” participants will…

•    Identify perception of their team/company/department

•    Learn how to integrate the team’s vision with the participant’s individual goals

•    Develop action plan to communicate their shared passion

Developing new approaches to influence in the workplace

After review of leadership articles and discussion participants will…

•    Discover their unique gifts

•    Identify methods to identify allies

•    Develop an individual plan of action to be a change agent

Recalibrate Teams to Make Better Choices

Using the concepts in the book Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell participants will…

•    Identify automatic pilot poor habits that lead to poor results

•    Discover better choices that will lead to better productive days

•    Develop personal and team action plans to lead to continuous success