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Walking in Their Shoes

By examining different Athletic Administrative roles, participants will…

•    Be exposed to the big picture of an athletic organization

•    Learn the effective times to communicate

•    Gain strategies to collaborate

Title IX Interactive Education

Using the tools the Federal Government has communicated on how to achieve Equity in Athletics as it pertains to Title IX participants will…

•    Obtain the history and overview of Title IX

•    Examine “equity approaches” in everyday life

•    Will be able to prepare an “Achieving Equity in Athletics” mission statement

Compliance Reviews including Academic Enhancement Recommendations

Using the NCAA tools applicable to the institution (Division I Certification document, Division II Self-study document, or requirements document to achieve membership) the Institution will receive…

•    A written report on best practices and areas of opportunities to reach Institutional Control

•    Sample documents on policies and procedures

•    In-person presentation on findings

EADA Analysis with Recommendations for Gender Equity Plans

Using three years of EADA data the institution will receive…

•    A written report of trends in Athletic expenditures in the areas of operations, staffing, and scholarship

•    A written report on best practices and areas of opportunity to reach equity in athletics

•    In-person presentation on findings

Demonstrating Gender-Equity through the EADA

Using the instructions as listed on the EADA form and using the institution previously submitted EADA report, workshop participants will…

  • Receive brief overview of Title IX
  • Gain insight on their current submission and how it relates to Title IX
  • Explore ways to capture and record information that would reflect better the equity that is occurring on campus

Trying on Phil's Rings

Introducing the concepts used by Phil Jackson participants will..

  • Identify ways to celebrate and repeat success
  • Introduce Methods Used to Create team Unity
  • Discover Mindful Leadership

DISC Assessment

After completing assessments participants will…

  • Discover Their communication style
  • Identify team member’s communication style
  • Learn the method of “flexing” to others for effective communication

How to Rejuvenate Your Team

Using the concepts in the book “Gung Ho!” by Ken Blanchard, participants will…

  • Revisit their vision and the institution’s mission
  • Gain tools to enhance their communication skills with their teams
  • Share best practices to reward success

Step-Up Bystander Intervention

Through programming developed by the NCAA and the University of Arizona participants will…

  • Identify major issues
  • Discover the reasons people do not “Step Up” and indirect methods to counter
  • Collectively create team agreed upon standards and indirect methods to “Step-Up”

Leading With Line-of-Sight

Using Line of Sight business tools participants Will…

  • Access their unit’s strategy and what makes them different?
  • Evaluate decision-making process
  • Discover it all functions are aligned