Empowering Women in Leadership

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Walking in her Shoes...Navigating the Politics of the Workplace

Participants in this workshop will…

•    Identify positions and their interaction in their organizations

•    Explore career tracks, typical a day, and peak and valley seasons in selected positions

•    Discover ways in which departments can collaborate

The Four Agreements

Using the concepts in the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz to achieve positive thoughts for positive outcomes

in the mist of everyday life participants will…

•    Be introduced to transformative thinking concepts

•    Examine triggers of negative self talk

•    Create a commitment plan based on principles

Setting Boundaries

Participants in this workshop will…

•    Define what a good rhythm life would feel like

•    Examine current communication styles

•    How to read and cultivate expectations of others

•    Create a plan to communicate new boundaries

Be a Fresh Coat of Paint, Provide New Approaches

After review of leadership articles and discussion participants will…

•    Learn how to promote their unique gifts

•    Identify methods to be strategic

•    Develop an individual plan of action to be a change agent